Francesco studied violin in Italy and perfected his art with M° Moshe Murvitz, concertmaster of the Israel Philarmonic Orchestra.
He also attended specialization conducting courses in different countries. These include Germany and Russia. He has composed music for documentaries, commercials, signature tunes, and multimedia programs.

He orchestrated "Matilde" opera composed by Giovanni Bertolani in collaboration with Mirco Dal porto, was performed for the first time in Quattro Castella (Reggio Emilia) in 1994 and repeated in Fort Worth (TEXAS) in 1995. On that occasion he conducted the "Youth Orchestra of Greater Fort Worth".

After that he orchestrated the second opera by Giovanni Bertolani "Angelica" performed at the Reggio Emilia theatre.

In 1998 he attended the conducting course at Tanglewood Music Center (USA) with M° Jorma Panula and a seminar in film music with John Williams.

In 1999 he composed the musical excerpt for ballet "Comoedia II-The Snake", which was staged by the Aterballetto Company and performed by the "Arturo Toscanini, Emilia Romagna Symphony Orchestra, conducted by M° Marcello Rota.

He conducted the “Youth Orchestra of Greater Fort Worth” (TEXAS) on the occasion of the 150° Anniversary of the founding of the town of Fort Worth city.

He composed the musical excerpt entitled "KI KI SO SO LLA GYE LO" (The gods will win), Symphony for Tibet dedicated to His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama and to the non-violent struggle of theTibetan people. "KI KI SO SO LA GYE LO" was performed, for the first time, on the occasion of the XIV Dalai Lama's visit to Italy (25th October, 1999).

In the year 2000 he held the important post of guest conductor of the Youth Orchestra of Greater Fort Worth, Texas, and was part of the Dallas World Symphony Orchestra, conducted by M° Marcello Rota, during the American tour of the Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli.

In 2005-2006 he conducted in Italy performances of“RIGOLETTO” and "La Boheme".

From 2001, engages permitting, he dedicated some of his time to teaching.

He composed ballet music for different theatres in Italy, some premiered at Teatro Comunale, Bologna.” His most recent ballet composition was, "Omaggio a Chopin, the piano poet", performed in the same theatre in Bologna.

In 2010 he completed with the maximum marks a first Master in "Sonorizzazione Filmica" at Vecchi- Tonelli School of Music in Modena, Italy, in collaboration with Modena and Reggio Emilia Universities.

He composed the music for "Alaska and " Il sentiero dei patriarchi", documentaries by Vanni Giannotti.

Differently Straight, directed by Marica Lizzadro is the last music composed for a documentary premiered in Turin in May 2011.

Francesco joined LCP in 2011 with Lust Lost Last production.

Music Composer

Francesco Germini