UP & DOWN 2007

UP & DOWN 2007

The piece is about all the emotions which apply to most artists who are looking for their own way of expression and development of their artistic potential. It highlights the frustration of adult dancers who still dream for a carrier on stage, fighting against the real and extremely competitive performing arts world which slowly wants to break them down.

The inspiration of this physical theatre performance is the life-based experience of dancers who decide to get started with dance after their 30ies. The strong determination to succeed gives them strength to never give up and always to follow their dreams. Their passion and commitment are now and here, there is no before nor after, the only time is “now”

“Up and Down” is the conclusion of day to day life of adult dancers on the edge of the beginning of their carriers. This satire reflects some basic needs like sleep, nutrition, auditions, rehearsals, performances, desperation after the failure/rejection but also about the hope after acceptance.


PERFORMANCE: Brockley Jack Theatre, Brockley Max festival

Choreographed & performed  by Joanna Puchala & Debora Bonemei

Directed by Joanna Puchala

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