VOICES 4 CHANGE – human trafficking 2010

VOICES 4 CHANGE – human trafficking 2010

‘VOICES 4 CHANGE’  explores 4 states of mind:  Weakness – Helplessness – Courage – Awareness. Inspired by the book ‘The road of lost innocence’ the true story of Somaly Mam, and the travelling to South East Asia where eyes witnessed the horrific conditions of life. The piece explores the internal body-mind communication traveling on a deserted path where the only encounter is the desire of discovering a new description for the self to self, self to others and self to world relationship.

Las Chicas Dance Theatre (LCP) performance is combined with other guest dancers and contemporary dance pieces and followed by Q&A

PERFORMANCE: Friday 4th of June 2010, 7.30pm          Brockley Jack Theatre     410 Brockley Road London SE4 2DH             Brockley MAX Festival

WORKSHOP from the repertoire: Saturday 5th June 2010, 4-6pm         St Hilda’s Church Hall, Courtai Road, London SE23 1PL


PERFORMED BY: Edward Anderson, George Tsagdis, Joanna Puchala, Debora Bonemei

CHOREOGRAPHED BY: Joanna Puchala & Debora Bonemei

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