Deana Indraccolo – Dancer

Deana Indraccolo – Dancer

Deana was born in Southern Italy. She started her dance career as a teenager, very quickly she  joined the Compagnia D, contemporary dance company directed by S. Frassanito as a dancer and choreographer’s assistant . She won a scholarship for a professional course at Opus Ballet in Florence directed by D. Tinazzi. This experience gave her an opportunity to study with great choreographers from all over the world such as Antonio Orlando (“Notre Dame de Paris”), training in ballet and contemporary dance, as well as in hip hop, street dance, flamenco, salsa, pole dance and aerial dance.

In 2010 she graduated from University of Lecce in Italy with Bachelor’s Degree in Performance Arts.

Currently she is a choreographer and backing dancer for the singer Ashleigh K and modern dance teacher around London.

She joined LCP Dance Theatre in 2014 as a dancer participating in production ” Am I” and continues to perform with  a new production ” I Am”

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