London Fringe Preview:
3-6 Aug 8pm @ Blue Elephan Theatre – book tickets now


Edinburgh Fringe Festival:
16-20 Aug 11.30am @ Greenside/Nicolson Square – book tickets now

After the success of “Am I” and ” I Am” nominated for the Freedom of Expression Amnesty International award at Fringe 2014 & 2015, award winning LCP Dance Theatre is back with a new dance production “Escape”. LCP Dance Theatre draws awareness to human rights violations through dance and  presents the emotional journey of a refugee through struggle, despair and the search for freedom. Fusing aerial performance and dance theatre ” Escape” explores the impact of a new environment on a refugee, who must face social, political and psychological challenges in order to integrate wth a new society. 

“There is a thought-provoking, muse-immersive piece of theatre, where the stagecraft is marvelous – a blend of film, light & physical use of the silken swing combining into a visual treat. All that is before the dancing; which is modern, moving, muscular & magnificent. The girls are passionate on their own, passionate together, constantly flowing in perfect time to the moody, majestic score by Stefano Guzzetti. When they enter the silken swing, they produce hypnotic & fascinating aesthetics, especially in the triumphant beating heart scene – which is a masterwork of dance theatre – I’ve never seen anything with so much realism, so much quality, so much poetry, in Dance” *****Mumble Dance 

“We emerge to the surface gasping for breath, …more alive than before” ****CEEL.ORG.UK (CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPEAN LONDON REVIEW)

“A compelling dance performance dealing with highly relevant issues” UK Theatre

“An interesting performance with a clear purpose” ***Everything Theatre

“LCP Dance Theatre offered something extraordinary” ****Female Art on “I Am”

‘The impeccable execution and the power of the visual imagery is utterly paralysing. “Dance stops trafficking!” they advertise. For me, their dance stopped my heartbeat.” ‘***** Threeweeks Fringe 2013 on “Am I”

“Their bodies seemed to inhale air and exhale this choreography, it came to them with such ease and you could feel the energy breathing from them” **** Broadway Baby Fringe 2014 on ” Am I
“Visually arresting” Dancing Times on “Rights(?)

LCP’s 2011 remarkable production “Rights(?)” was sponsored by the BBC, in collaboration with the African dance company Tavaziva Dance. LCP Dance Theatre was formed in 2006 and is led by Polish Artistic Director Joanna Puchala who is now based in London. It is a multi-media and multi-ethnic aerial dance company that uses live performance and film to raise awareness of human rights violations.

Joanna Puchala – choreography and performance
JC Bailey – performance
Stefano Guzzetti – music composition
Lidhka Inga – graphic design & video projection

Music composition by award winning Italian artist Stefano Guzetti provides a powerful soundtrack that evokes feelings of nostalgia, melancholy and hope. Creator of the music for the trailer of well-known book of Murakami Haruki entitled ‘Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage’, featured on The Wire Magazine, published by Mute Records.
Performance by JC Bailey – Australian dancer/aerialist and choreographer who performed  with Opera Australia, Australian Broadcast Company and Sydney Festival.
Artistic Direction and Performance by Joanna Puchala – Polish dancer and choreographer based in London. Artistic director of LCP Dance Theatre since 2006.
Graphic Design and Video Projection by Lidhka Inga – Polish artist based in London, Marketing and Multimedia LCP’s rapresentative  since 2010.


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