‘RIGHTS(?)’ BBC Award 2011/2012

‘RIGHTS(?)’ BBC Award 2011/2012

RIGHTS(?) is a unique fusion of multi-ethnic/multimedia contemporary dance, performance and dramaturgy examining human rights and choreographed by talented and emerging Italian choreographer Mimmo Miccolis produced by international LCP Dance Theatre, based in London.

Thursday 20th September 2012 7.30pm
BBC EVENT- MAC Theatre – Birmingham

Friday 18th May 2012 7.30pm
Bernie Grant Arts Centre – London

Friday 3rd August 8.30pm
Shaw Theatre – London
Camden Fringe Festival 2012

The work’s creation has been sposored by the BBC Performing Arts Fund 2011, the Bernie Grant Arts Centre and mentored by Tavaziva Dance Company.

RIGHTS(?) is a choreographic depiction of important human issues. This multimedia production is a raw, yet sensitive, look at inequalities that plague the world.

Multiethnic dancers share personal expressions of their cultures and individual diversity.

They open our eyes to political, social, religious, and sexual injustice, exploring issues of race, poverty, death, war, human trafficking, imprisonment, asylum, and freedom.
RIGHTS(?) strength lies in the creative use of a multitude of art forms: a range of dance styles, physical theatre, illusion, video, props, and new technical gadgetry, resulting in an energetic performance that challenges the audience to confront and dream…

Artistic Director and Choreographer Mimmo Miccolis
Music composition Francesco Germini
Live musician Siemy Di
Executive Directors Debora BonemeiJoanna Puchala
Costume design Lemington Ridley, Melville Michel
Photography Georgina White Aldwotk, Lidhka Inga, Adelina Nesterenko, Iwona Karbowska, Carole Edrich
Filming and editing Matt Ashford, Matteo CarratoniDaniela KitchinerElizabeth Doonan, Lidhka Inga, Collin Hills
Graphic design Marianna MinoiaMario Marinelli
Illustration Angela Perrini
PR David Mcgrath, David Borders, Eve Cunnigham, Carole Edrich
Mentor Barwen Tavaziva
Dancers Céline Kabeya-MulengelaElina KarimaaSerena CifuniMireille Flores AvilaMonica Nicolaides,  Paola NapolitanoPoh Chia HianIsabel SlingerlandTiffany AtkinsonDebora BonemeiJoanna Puchala


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Lisa Stubbs at Southwark and Lewisham College

Miles Eady – Dan Lines – Giovanna De Robbio

John Baraldi – Chief Executive of Bernie Grant Arts Centre for support, collaboration and all the staff without whom this project would not have happened

Bawren Tavaziva for mentorship and Iyshea Hunte for management support of “Rights (?)”

With gratitude to the staff of BBC Performing Arts Fund 2011 for the opportunity to succeed in the development of this project.

Support of friends and artists who believed in this project.

Please support ‘Rights(?)” by making donation through www.lcpdancetheatre.com

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