“Love Yourself” Performing Arts Showcase

“Love Yourself” Performing Arts Showcase

LCP Dance Theatre presents “Love Yourself” Performing Arts event about body’s and self awareness.

15th June 8pm £15 in London@ The Lodge Space

Video trailer

Video trailer working progress

“Love Yourself” Performing Arts Showcase is a platform for artists who can craft their own art in any form, create a visual performance and share it with an audience.
It is an evening of dance, any form of art and performance aimed at raising awareness of our own body image.

This entertainment about self awareness is a fusion of different forms of dance such as aerial, slings, painting dance, contemporary, physical and musical theatre presented by various companies/artists such as:

LCP Dance Theatre (Victoria Howden, Rudolph Niasme, Luisa Harris, Ruth Bruce, Zuza Tehanu, Diana Mukalere, Yvonne Griesel, Deana Indraccolo, Joanna Puchala), Maria Ghoumrassi, Katie Price, Zuza Tehanu, Daniela Costanza, Gennaro Lasco.

Organised by LCP Dance Theatre founder, Joanna Puchala, and The Lodge Space, in collaboration with the Social Arts Festival and Flow Move

VIDEO TRAILER from previous event

To book tickets click here, places are limited 

Join us to experience different interpretations of self image expressed through performing arts and give us a feedback on how it felt.

We are presenting a showcase of various performing arts companies, all about “love yoursel”:

Maria Ghoumrassi

8min solo

Contemporary Dance – Painting 

A CONVERSATION BETWEEN ME AND THE MOON: A woman, A white wall, A Paintbrush, Breath, Light, Sound, Breath becomes sound, movement becomes mark.

Artists and poets have long thought about the Moon’s influence on living creatures, and in particular, on women’s cycles. 

A Conversation Between Me and The Moon is a work in progress, an extract from Maria da Luz’ solo A Tree Without Leaves, a dance piece examining the meaning of womanhood in contemporary society. The concept behind the work is born as a response to a Chad proverb: ‘A tree without leaves is like a woman without children’.

Choreography and dance:  Maria da Luz Ghoumrassi

Photographer: Foteini Christofilopoulou

Maria da Luz Ghoumrassi is a dancer, choreographer and educator working through multidisciplinary techniques to develop Intercultural Awareness Performance. She is the artistic director of DaLuzDance and has presented numerous works in venues across the UK. She has performed in the original cast of The Lion King, Kokuma Dance Theatre, Jacky Lansley, The London College of Fashion, Tate Modern, among others. She continues to find joy and inspiration through professional development and exploring ways to integrate different disciplines into her creative and performance practice. 

Katie Price

7min solo



A Jewish diabetic, dyslexic; Katie’s no stranger to finding herself in an uncomprimising situation. Whether it’s accidentally ripping off an insulin pump in a moment of passion, letting herself into a strangers house in the Occupied Territories or pausing mid foreplay to nosh a Cadburys Fruit and Nut medly, Katie’s journey to self acceptance is a voyage of discovery, definace and diam bars.

Katie Price is comedian and actress based in London. Originally from North London (to the surprise of absolutely no one) when not re-enacting fiddler on the roof, Katie is a comedian, writer and actress who’s work focuses on socialism, the female orgasm, feminism and stepdads!

Zuza Tehanu

25min solo

Spiritual Dance 

 zuzatehanu.co.uk @zuzatehanu


Spiritual dance theatre performance is based on a deep internal search for feminine power and archaic intuitive wisdom.  Through following the impulses and feelings coming from the performer’s body sensations and it’s image, the artist tried to identify the struggles that women experienced through the ages on the path of becoming more powerful and connected to their inner knowledge. The female body then became the main subject of the study, as the artist believes that those struggles are imprinted into the bodies (muscles, joints, organs) and the perception of the body of all women collectively. Therefore the performance became a diary of a very personal journey to overcome the restrictions of the body on the way to discover the feminine true self.

This one-dancer performance is an interdisciplinary creation combining very organic, contemporary dance, theatre and singing with some originally composed music and poetry.

Choreography and Performance by: Zuza Tehanu

Music: Zuza Tehanu and Tomasz Brajter

Short review

Zuza Tehanu is an actress, dancer and choreographer, circus artist , performance director, singer and musician. Founder of Dark Soul Dance Theatre, since 2010 is performing regularly her works at London venues (Rich Mix, The Space Theatre, Etcetera Theatre, Hoxton Hall) and around UK. Her interdisciplinary works integrate performance art, contemporary dance, theatre, visual art, singing and original music. Collaborated with PAiL London showing “In”on Festival of Female Performers’ at Rich Mix and “HEReins” in London Metropolitan Archives. Choreographed “Project Anna” for One Billion Rising Festival and performed with Dread Falls Theatre in their immersive show in Wycobe Museum. Last year she created feminine solos (“Yarners”, “Mire”) showing on Black Box festival in Etcetera Theatre in London and recently performed her dance and circus show in Ms. Paolini Phantasmagoria Cabaret in Hoxton Hall.

Rudolph Niasme

15 min solo



It is Happening!!

This performance is inspired by the human experience in the physical world and the evolution of the individual through life and love. Confined space and movement without restriction symbolise the necessary adaptations one must make to survive in different environments. The performance also demonstrates a way of communication with autistic people, as well as, a way to connect with one’s self through movement and sound.

Rudolph is a dancer who continuously develops his experimental style by incorporating his life experiences to his art. Born in Paris, his first contact with movement came through his parents who introduced him to the French-Carribbean culture. Rudolph’s education started privately where his creativity was caged. It wasn’t until he moved to the public educational system that he felt free to explore his artistic interests.
Rudolph is using his skills to help autistic children and adults improve their communication through movement. He integrates his artistic discoveries and personal development into his work by using what he learns to better support the people he works with.

Daniela Costanza & Gennaro Lasco

10min duet

Aerial Slings Dance – Acrobalance 


This performance is a mix of acrobalance and aerial dance showing the pressure that every person feels about  the balance  between what the society imposes on us and what we would like to be, the freedom that everyone needs and seeks to be themselves.  

Daniela Costanza born in Italy is an aerial/dancer and Pilates instructor based in London. She loves to create and compose choreography both in the air and on the floor.

Gennaro Lasco @gennaro_lasco Originally from Italy, Gennaro started dancing when he was 14. He toured Italy performing in both ballet and contemporary pieces, including “Swan Lake” and “Giselle” with Teatro Massimo of Palermo, “Rigoletto” with Teatro Argentina of Rome, “Don Quixotte”, “Carmen”, “Bolero”, ”Carmina Burana” with Compagnia Naionale del Balletto. He trained as an aerial performer in 2010 and began performing in “The Dreamer” and “Nocturne” with Claudio&Paolo Ladisa Dance Company. In 2012 Gennaro was one of the seven main aerial- performer at the Opening Ceremony of Alpine World Ski Championship in Italy. Gennaro moved to the UK in 2014 performing in London with PointBarre Dance Company, with South Down Opera as main dancer in ”Aida”, with W. Mulley in “Reach Out and Touch”, in Edinburgh at the Fringe Festival with LCD Dance Company, in Carlisle at The Sands Centre in the pantomime “Peter Pan”.

LCP Dance Theatre


Aerial Slings Contemotary Dance 


working progress video trailer

“Shapes of water”

We are living in the society where the only body’s image seems to be accepted is the perfect one. Let’s break the boundaries of the common image of ourselves imposed by others. Let’s create our own identity defined by ourselves, our views and who we really are. Beauty is in everyone and everywhere.

The inspiration of the choreography comes from Victoria Howden who proposed to create the performance around the body’s shape/self image. 

It’s an artistic collaboration between Joanna Puchala – artistic director, choreographer, performer; acting director Victoria Howden and below listed performers and choreographers:


Artistic direction and Choreography by Joanna Puchala

Acting direction – Victoria Howden

Performance and choreography:

  • Rudolph Niasme – born in France, Caribbean origins dancer. He helps autistic children and adults improve their communication through movement.

  • Yvonne Griesel – contemporary dancer, graduate from Laban.
  • Diana Mukalere is a London-based Multidisciplinary Artist; her mediums of creative expression are through the visual, audial and performing arts. These are a constant theme in her life and as so, she spends as much time as she can drawing, painting, playing, singing, and dancing. Her performances are a translation of vibration (audial), through the body as flowing movement (performance) and is the visual embodiment of her appreciation and love of being. Recently she has performed with her intuitive dance choreography at Valentines Performing Arts event at thelodge.space by LCP DT. Currently she has joined the LCP DT as a performer and she is participating at Love Yourself showcase.
  • Zuza Tehanu is an actress, dancer and choreographer, circus artist , performance director, singer and musician. Founder of Dark Soul Dance Theatre, since 2010 is performing regularly her works at London venues and touring around the UK.

  • Deana Indraccolo was born in Southern Italy. She started her dance career as a teenager, very quickly she joined the Compagnia D, contemporary dance company directed by S. Frassanito as a dancer and choreographer’s assistant . She won a scholarship for a professional course at Opus Ballet in Florence directed by D. Tinazzi. This experience gave her an opportunity to study with great choreographers from all over the world such as Antonio Orlando (“Notre Dame de Paris”), training in ballet and contemporary dance, as well as in hip hop, street dance, flamenco, salsa, pole dance and aerial dance. In 2010 she graduated from University of Lecce in Italy with Bachelor’s Degree in Performance Arts. She worked a choreographer and backing dancer for the singer Ashleigh K and modern dance teacher around London. She joined LCP Dance Theatre in 2014 as a dancer and she’s been performing several dance production until now.
  • Luisa Harris is dedicated to finding beautifully creative and disruptive ways to drive innovation and sustainability. She is on the creative team for the Marine Foundation, using art as a catalyst for conservation and to promote ocean literacy and was a free-diver in the underwater art piece Apsara:, Spirits of the Sea. She is a creator and co-producer of Apokalypsis, an immersive performance piece which retells classical Greek myths around the climate change agenda, she danced as Mrs Midas in the piece Midas.
    Louisa believes in the power of experiential learning, performance and storytelling to inspire us to tackle the big challenges the future  may hold. She is an aerialist, free-diver and dancer. Currently dancing with LCP Dance Theatre.
  • ­Ruth Bruce is a dancer and fitness instructor. She trained at Trinity Laban and The Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Although usually to be found in the Pilates studio, Ruth has recently added Aerial skills to her  repertoire, for a little change in perspective…!
  • Victoria Howden is an actress, singer, improviser, storyteller and comedian with a dream of turning her life into a musical. If you have to say it she has to sing about it.  She believes that the way to connect, heal, inspire , empower and bring people together, especially in this day and age is through stories ,music and laughter.

  • Joanna Puchala – Polish dancer and choreographer based in London. Artistic director of LCP Dance Theatre since 2006 and founder of Social Arts Festival and Flow Move.

Special thanks to all the participants listed above and all below who made this “Love Yoursel” Performing Arts event happen. Without all the voluntaries’ and support in kind offered to us we wouldn’t be here.

The Lodge Space – Jane Wells, Julie Hobbs, Oliver Norfolk (Venue)

Thom Seaman (film), Daniela Draghita (film), Justin (photography), Arina Tetera (photography), Victoria Howden  (Presentation)

Organised by LCP Dance Theatre (founder Joanna Puchala) in collaboration with The Lodge Space, Social Arts Festival and Flow Move.

LCP’s quotes form previous work:

“Modern, moving, muscular & magnificent”*****Mumble Dance Fringe 2016 on “Escape” 

“…which is a masterwork of dance theatre – I’ve never seen anything with so much realism, so much quality, so much poetry, in Dance” *****Mumble Dance Fringe 2016 on “Escape” 

“A compelling dance performance dealing with highly relevant issues” UK Theatre Fringe Preview 2016 on”Escape”

“An interesting performance with a clear purpose” ***Everything Theatre Fringe Preview 2016 on “Escape”

“LCP Dance Theatre offered something extraordinary” ****Female Art Fringe Preview 2015 on “I Am”

“Their bodies seemed to inhale air and exhale this choreography, it came to them with such ease and you could feel the energy breathing from them” **** Broadway Baby Fringe 2014 on ” Am I

‘The impeccable execution and the power of the visual imagery is utterly paralysing. “Dance stops trafficking!” they advertise. For me, their dance stopped my heartbeat. “***** Threeweeks Fringe 2013 on ” Am I” 
“Visually arresting” Dancing Times (BBC Performing Arts Award) 2012 on “Rights(?)

LCP Dance Theatre was formed in 2006 and is led by Polish Artistic Director Joanna Puchala who is based in London. It is a multi-media and multi-ethnic aerial dance company that uses live performance and film to raise awareness of human rights violations. Joanna integrates the performing arts work of other artists in order to give them the platform to express their artistic skills and needs.


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