LCP Dance Theatre is no ordinary company. LCP seeks to raise awareness of human trafficking worldwide. As a global issue that threatens the freedom of citizens in all areas of the world, human trafficking needs to be brought to the public eye. Considering that there are 27 million cases of trafficked victims forced to work illegally, imprisoned, physically and mentally abused, only 1% of it is rescued and start a new life. The rest either continue the slavery or return to it. In face of such a high rate of people’s slavery and such a small number of survivors, we can only prevent it from happening. Therefore the aim of LCP Dance Theatre is not only to send the message through the dance performance of this terrific reality to everyone who potentially could be in a targeted group of victims but also to work with the victims directly, by using the movement therapy and get them engaged with a choreographic process of performing arts we are creating. We are associated with Sophie Hayes Foundation which supports victims of trafficking in the UK. Sophie Hayes is an author of terrifying story of being a victim of trafficking, which she tells in her book ‘Trafficked – Sunday Times bestseller.