TAKING CHANCES – the reality show 2008

TAKING CHANCES – the reality show 2008

LCP engages with another dance theatre project in cooperation with artists Mary Hatzisavva from Greece and Siemie Di from Congoo. Mary brings to the stage years of experience as a movement artist with strong background in acting, physical theatre, singing and dancing. Siemie is a self-proclaimed westernised African embracing his classical influences and African traditions to create an African/Indian/European fusion in his unique jazz style. For over years Siemie has been a popular session drummer/percussionist who has worked with variety of artists from S Club to David Bowie and Elvis Costello.

Recruiting the ‘chance procedure’ and some of the choreography choices, ‘Taking chances’ is a selection of four independent artists, where live music, vocal, dance rhythms, rays of improvisation and a hint of exploration of Laban dimension scale, takes the audience over the hill and to the colourful landscape of contemporary dance theatre.


‘There somewhere … la’ fra le nubi d’or’ by Mary Hatzisavva & Debora Bonemei

‘Solo for duet’ by Jonnna Puchala

‘Strictly Nor Contemporary’ by Debora Bonemei & guest dancers: Pauline Mitchell; Ryoko Nambu; Norrin Radd

‘Jam session’ by  Siemy Di, Mary Hatzisavva, Debora Bonemei, Joanna Puchala

Music by  Siemy Di


Choreographed by Debora Bonemei; Mary Hatzisavva; Joanna Puchala

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