Valentines Programme

LCP Dance Theatre presents the Valentines performing arts showcase about love.

This Valentines entertainment about love is a fusion of different forms of dance such as aerial, pole, modern ballet, contemporary dance and musical theatre presented by various companies:

LCP Dance Theatre, Aurora movement, Deliah Seefluth Dance, Hackballet, Frances Katz, Dhyana and Victoria Howden.

Organised by LCP Dance Theatre founder, Joanna Puchala, and The Lodge Space, in collaboration with the Social Arts Festival and Flow Move.


Join us to experience different forms of love expressed through performing arts and give us a feedback on how it felt.


AURORA movement

20min duet

Contemporary Pole Dance

Gro med meg (Grow with me) is about the love for wild nature and the creatures existing in it.

”When trees grow together, nutrients and water can be optimally divided among them all so that each tree can grow into the best tree it can be. If you “help” individual trees by getting rid of their supposed competition, the remaining trees are bereft. They send messages out to their neighbours in vain, because nothing remains but stumps. Every tree now muddles along on its own, giving rise to great differences in productivity. Some individuals photosynthesise like mad until sugar positively bubbles along their trunk. As a result, they are fit and grow better, but they aren’t particularly long-lived. This is because a tree can be only as strong as the forest that surrounds it…” – Peter Wohlleben from ”The hidden life of trees”.

Performed and choreographed by:

Ronja Kasemi

Mia Aurora Winderen



7 min solo

Contemporary Intuitive Dance

Love is all – Love is at the core of everything we do with real passion and dance is one of many forms of love. This can be seen, all over nature and there is a strong connection between love and dance, this can be seen in most cultures all over the world.  This performance is in dedication to the aliveness and joy that dwells in every heart and can be felt in dance by both the observer and the performer of the dance. With beauty, elegance, and fluidity the performance will take us on a journey of creative, spontaneous enjoyment through movement.

Choreographed and performed by Diana Mukalere



12 min two duets

Modern Ballet

Three contrasting duets depict different aspects of love. Inversia is a dark, cold and mercurial exploration of curiosity between two bodies exploring the space they inhabit. Grace Duet I is a tentative and tender moment of breathless new love. Carry me to the edge is a gentle and joyous embrace that offers strength to support fragility.

Cast: Briar Adams, Daniel Rodriguez, Marion Edmond, Lance Collins

Choreographed by Briar Adams

Video: Marion Edmond and Lance Collins in Grace Duet 


Deliah Seefluth Dance

3 min solo

Contemporary Dance

Fragile – the courage, the authenticity, the vulnerability that love takes. The idea that we are so capable of love but still choose to be toxic. Inspired by Rupi Kaur.

By Deliah Seefluth


By Frances Katz

3 min solo

Contemporary Martial Arts


By Victoria Howden

20 min solo

Musical Theatre

Victoria is an actress, singer, improviser, storyteller and comedian with a dream of turning her life into a musical. If you have to say it she has to sing about it.  She believes that the way to connect, heal, inspire, empower and bring people together, especially in this day and age is through stories, music and laughter.

So join her for the journey and who knows you might even sing along 🙂


LCP Dance Theatre

25 min quintet

Aerial Contemporary Dance

Lost Love – a contemporary aerial dance performance represents physical and mental state of mind while being broken hearted.  It explores the different phases of pure love, betrayal, lost trust and struggle to forgive and finally becoming friends. The transformation of a passionate love leading to friendship, mutual understanding and compassion towards each other.

The inspiration of the choreography comes from the Film Begin Again with Keira Knightley and Adam Levine.

It’s an artistic collaboration between Joanna Puchala – artistic director, choreographer, performer and below listed performers and choreographers:


  • Lynn Dichon
  • Juan Sánchez Plaza
  • Leoni Amandin 
  • Natasha Lee
  • Joanna Puchala


Special thanks to all the participants listed above and all below who made this Valentines Performing Arts event happen. Without all the voluntaries’ and support in kind offered to us we wouldn’t be here.

The Lodge Space – Jane Wells, Julie Hobbs, Oliver Norfolk (Venue)

Thom Seaman (film), Sophie Blank (photography), Paul Maston (Presentation)

Organised by LCP Dance Theatre (founder Joanna Puchala) in collaboration with The Lodge Space, Social Arts Festival and Flow Move.


“Modern, moving, muscular & magnificent”*****Mumble Dance Fringe 2016 on “Escape” 

“LCP Dance Theatre offered something extraordinary” ****Female Art Fringe Preview 2015 on “I Am”
“Visually arresting” Dancing Times (BBC Performing Arts Award) 2012 on “Rights(?)


LCP Dance Theatre was formed in 2006 and is led by Polish Artistic Director Joanna Puchala who is based in London. It is a multi-media and multi-ethnic aerial dance company that uses live performance and film to raise awareness of human rights violations. Joanna integrates the performing arts work of other artists in order to give them the platform to express their artistic skills and needs.                                                           



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